AFAF's 2006-2007 Season

2006-2007 was an exciting season for the American Fine Arts Festival. Auditions were expanded to the West Coast and Toronto, Ontario. Several new venues were added to our Winners’ Concert series, including the Terrace Theater at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, Yamaha Piano Salon in NYC, and Klavierhaus in NYC.

A new summer program, the AFAF Summer Courses in Europe, was introduced, offering participants a chance to spend two weeks in the Netherlands, studying and playing music in a unique and creative atmosphere under the tutelage of a distinguished, international faculty.

2006-2007 special prize Winners

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Piano (solo)

1st Prize ($500, shared)
  • Photo of Kimberly Hou
    Kimberly Hou (b.1994), Piano
    “Rigoletto” Paraphrase, Verdi-Liszt
    Teacher: Marjorie Lee
  • Photo of Alexei Tartakovski
    Alexei Tartakovski (b.1989), Piano
    Prelude in B flat major, Op. 23 No. 2, Rachmaninoff
    Teacher: Nina Lelchuk
2nd Prize ($300, shared)
  • Photo of Shire Beach
    Shire Beach (b.1990), Piano
    Three Preludes, Kennanh
    Teacher: Erna Gulabyan
  • Photo of Anna Park
    Anna Park (b.1889), Piano
    Transcendental Etude No. 12 “Chasse-neige”, Liszt
    Teacher: Victoria Mushkatkol
  • Photo of Midori Tanaka
    Midori Tanaka (b.1990), Piano
    “Oiseaux Tristes” from “Miroirs”, Ravel
    Teacher: Mitsuko Ichimura
3rd Prize ($200, shared)
  • Photo of Poony Poon
    Poony Poon (b.1997), Piano
    Variations, Chopin
    Teacher: Victoria Mushkatkol
  • Photo of Jiayan Sun
    Jiayan Sun (b.1989), Piano
    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 in D flat major, Liszt
    Teacher: Victoria Mushkatkol
  • Photo of Niu Niu Teo
    Niu Niu Teo (b.1994), Piano
    Romance Op. 5, Tchaikovsky
    Teacher: Lena Grozman
Honorable Mentions ($50/each)
  • Cory Chang (b.1992), Piano
    L’isle Joyeuse (The Island of Joy), Debussy
    Teacher: Yu-Ting Chen
  • Alex Chien (b.1998), Piano
    “The Cat and the Mouse”, Copland
    Teacher: Kai Chi Zhu
  • Allison Costello (b.1991), Piano
    Five Preludes, Op. 34, Shostakovich
    Teacher: Margarita Kotlyarova
  • Steven Ionov (b.1995), Piano
    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 in A minor “Rakoczy March”, Liszt
    Teacher: Sophia Genis
  • David Orr (b.1989), Piano
    Suggestion Diabolique, Prokofiev
    Teacher: Tatyana Dudochkin
  • Leo Svirsky (b.1988), Piano
    “Scarbo” from “Gaspard de la Nuit”, Ravel
    Teacher: Santiago Rodrigues
  • Sumire Takamatsu (b.1990), Piano
    Paganini Etude No. 5, La Chasse, Liszt
    Teacher: Lidia Boguslavsky
  • Elan Wong (b.1993), Piano
    “Reflets Dans l’eau” from “Images”, Debussy
    Teacher: Nilly Epstein Shilo

Music Director’s Awards ($100/each)

  • Photo of Steven Ionov
    Steven Ionov (b.1995), Piano
    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 in A minor “Rakoczy March”, Liszt
    Teacher: Sophia Genis
  • Photo of Leo Svirsky
    Leo Svirsky (b.1988), Piano
    “Scarbo” from “Gaspard de la Nuit”, Ravel
    Teacher: Santiago Rodrigues

Strings (solo)

1st Prize ($500)
  • Photo of Metok Hugnes-Levine
    Metok Hugnes-Levine (b.1990), Violin
    Introduction and Tarantella, Sarasate
    Teacher: Vera Rubin
2nd Prize ($300, shared)
  • Photo of Jehshua Karuna Karan
    Jehshua Karuna Karan (b.1994), Violin
    La Ronde Des Lutins, Bazzini
    Teacher: Olga Khroulevitch
  • Photo of Hayne Kim
    Hayne Kim (b.1990), Violin
    Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 19, 1st mvt, Prokofiev
    Teacher: Dmitri Berlinsky
3rd Prize ($200, shared)
  • Photo of Zeynep Alpan
    Zeynep Alpan (b.1995), Violin
    Symphonie Espagnole in D minor, Op. 21, 1st mvt, Lalo
    Teacher: Shirley Givens
  • Photo of Melody Chu
    Melody Chu, (b.1991) Cello
    Concerto E minor, Op. 85, 2nd mvt, Elgar
    Teacher: Sieun Lin
  • Photo of Tristan Zeman
    Tristan Zeman (b.1995), Violin
    Concerto, Op.48, 1st mvt, Kabalevsky
    Teacher: Patinka Kopec

Piano Duet ($300, shared)

  • Photo of Derek Chen and Alex Hsia
    Derek Chen (b.1992), Piano
    Alex Hsia (b.1992), Piano
    "Easter" from Suite for Two Pianos "Fantaisie-Tableaux," Op. 5, Rachmaninoff
    Teacher: Malvina Potop
  • Photo of Farshad Tahvildar-Zadeh and Julian Edgren
    Farshad Tahvildar-Zadeh (b.1993), Piano
    Julian Edgren (b.1994), Piano
    Waltz from “Masquerade”, Khachaturian
    Teacher: Larissa Korkina

Chamber Music Ensemble ($300)

  • Photo of Sulzbach Trio
    Sulzbach Trio
    Margarita Rovenskaya (b.1990), Piano
    Victoria Lewis (b.1990), Violin
    Sam Lavery (1990), Cello
    Piano Trio in G, 3rd mvt, Chaminade
    Teacher: Galina Prilutskaya

Special Diplomas

  • Anirudh Arun (b.1991)
    Teacher: Margarita Gurevich
  • Jung A Bang (b.1991)
    Teacher: Natalia Harlap
  • Mindy Cheng (b.1996)
    Teacher: Su Hui Yang
  • Jehshua Karuna Karan (b. 1994)
    Teacher: Irene Orlov
  • Carmen Knoll (b.1997)
    Teacher: Marjorie Lee
  • Matthew Robert Maimone (b.1994)
    Teacher: Victoria Mushkatkol
  • Michael Peng (b.1995)
    Teacher: Kai Chi Zhu
  • Anna Russell (b.1993)
    Teacher: Irene Orlov
  • Janet Song (b.1991)
    Teacher: Joy Kiszely
  • Sara Takamatsu, (b.1990)
    Teacher: Lidia Boguslavsky
  • Clare Yeo, (b.1992)
    Teacher: Victoria Mushkatkol
  • Raymond Zhang (b. 1999)
    Teacher: Ingrid Clarfield
  • Nicolette Cho (b.1995), Cello
    Teacher: Miron Yampolsky
  • Maya Chung (b.1993), Violin
    Teacher: Grigory Kalinovsky
  • Kira Jacobson (b.1993), Violin
    Teacher: Jousun Kim
  • Christine Dong Hee Lee (b.1995), Violin
    Teacher: Dmitri Berlinsky
  • Eric Soo Hoo (b.1991), Violin
    Teacher: Sophia Sogland
  • Yu Xi Zhang (b.1990), Violin
    Teacher: Jeremy Zhu

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